Coming Distractions

Stephenie Meyer fans who've wandered out of Forks, Washington, and into her world of adult fiction via The Host will be happy to hear the book picked up a script.

Shocking, right? 

The Host
 jumps para-genres, switching out vampires for "compassionate" aliens (What is with Meyer's bent on sissifying everything we love to fear?) called "souls" who've taken over Earth by catching a ride on the brain waves of every human who walks the planet ... except for one, natch. The heroine, Melanie, battles the soul who tries to take over her body, and the two beings settle on sharing. (We wonder who gets the good parts.)

Anyway, because no heroine is complete without her Edward Cullen, Melanie and her wanna-be body snatcher embark on an epic journey to find Jared, Melanie's lost love who just happens to be one of the last unaffected humans. reports
that Andrew Niccol, who helmed Gattaca has signed on for the project. Le sigh? Le vomit? It doesn't matter — le dollars do. And if one thing you can count on, it's Meyer making money hands over fist. Or whatever it is that compassionate aliens have.