'The Werewolf's Guide To Life: A Manual for the Newly-Bitten'

And now, a Public Service Announcement from ParanormalPopCulture.com:

When you're an amateur werewolf, things can get pretty hairy. Suddenly an awareness of the lunar cycle is absolutely necessary and that fine silverware you received as a wedding gift is hazardous to your health - a mishandled gravy boat might even be deadly.

So where does a new 'were' turn? Sadly, there's no Lycanthrope's Anonymous support groups to rely on, but fortunately - and perhaps the only fortunate thing to happen since you inherited this curse -  there is a self-wolf-help book available to assist in your transition to transformations.

The Werewolf's Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly-Bitten by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers is an educational handbook informed by real werewolf interviews and including practical tips. Since "the majority of lycanthropes who do not have access to this book die during or shortly after their first transformations," the book seeks to inform because "ignorance creates monsters; lycanthropy does not."

Remember, in order to survive, you should know about the realities of your condition. So after reading the "Am I a Werewolf?" section (to establish you're not just in the mood for really, really raw steak), pick up the book to help improve your lycanthropic life.

And don't forget to join the werewolf community at The Werewolf's Guide site where you can consult a handy Transformation Dates calendar, read werewolf wisdom from others, prepare a list of supplies every newly-bitten beast needs or watch video dramatizations on coping with your new nightlife (such as the one below about having "The Talk" with loved ones).

Remember: Just because you're a paranormal creature doesn't mean you can't have a normal life.

-aaron sagers