Haunted USA: The rundown of the nation's cities with the most ghosts

Paranormal pop culture spikes around Halloween when everyone becomes fascinated with ghosts, goblins and monsters - basically the stuff we fill our entire year with.  Still, one perk of all the suped-up supernatural coverage is the lists that are released each October.

For instance, Digital City has done some digging and collected the spookiest spots across the country. Among the cities that make the Top 10, there are a few surprises (Galveston, Texas; Key West, Florida), the old standbys (New Orleans, Savannah, Gettysburg, Chicago) and a few omissions (New York City? Philadelphia? Boston?). 

Over all, the site does a swell job adding it all up.  Although, based on my personal experiences, may I suggest Buffalo, NY, in the future?