About that 'Zombieland' cameo ... [Spoiler]

If you haven't seen Zombieland yet, you might want to Abort! Abort! Abort! this post because there be spoilers here ...

Assuming you willfully clicked on the link, you've either already seen Zombieland or just aren't too concerned with finding out a wicked cool spoiler about the movie, so we'll continue. In the flick, Bill Murray has a cameo as himself, playing a fake zombie to avoid detection - and so he can stick around in his mansion.

There are some serious meta moments in the scene, and it's dang hilarious - even when faux-zom Murray scares Jesse Eisenberg's character and gets abruptly bumped off.

As it turns out, io9 has a great exclusive with Eisenberg and covers the parts of the Murray death scene not shown on screen.  Also interviewed are the film's writers, who say they had a long list of drafts for potential celebrity cameos, including Patrick Swayze (before he was sick), Sylvester Stallone, The Rock, Matthew McConnaughy, Jean Claude Van Damme, Joe Pesci, Mark Hamill, Kevin Bacon and Dustin Hoffman.

In the end, Murray, their first choice wanted to do it and wanted to do more than originally planned. And the result is lively - until it's deadly.