'Where The Wild Things Are': What was added to the monster cut?

Spike Jonze's film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's tale will finally arrive in theaters on Oct. 16 after being in production since 2005.

The images from the movie look amazing, and if the trailers are to be believed, the movie strikes the right fantastical chord to match the short Sendak masterpiece. Still, when you're dealing with a 48-page book made up of only a few hundred words, you've got to add some things, and that's exactly what director Jonze and co-writer Dave Eggers did.

SCI FI Wire has the scoop on what's been included, and cut, from the big screen adaptation of the book.  Luckily, nothing seems too shocking, and we won't learn that Max actually has an abundance of Midi-chlorians or now possesses organic webshooters.

Instead, the additions make sense, like fleshing out Max's previously-unseen mom, or giving the monsters names and expanding their land.

Check it out, but not before you re-watch the Wild Things trailer below and turn into a pile of sentimental goo.  Go on, I dare you not to get the warm fuzzies from seeing these warm fuzzies walk and talk.