Napoleon Dynamite 'Woke Up Dead'

OK, so maybe it's not fair to typecast Jon Heder forever as Napoleon Dynamite, but what can I say? It worked as a headline and I happen to quite enjoy Dynamite.

But, if Heder decides to go all method-actor on me for the faux pas, I should expect a brain-eating visit any day now since his newest role is that of a zombie in the Web comedy, Woke Up Dead.

The series, which premiered Monday on the Sony Pictures-owned Crackle, focuses on Drex Greene (Heder), a young guy just entering the workforce who is trying to get his life together - even after he suddenly begins a transformation into a zombie.

The 4-5 minute episodes are piling up like bodies and there are already six viewable for your undead funny bone. Backed by a low seven-figure budget, as reported by the
Los Angeles Times, Woke Up Dead sports a professional look and is currently the flagship project for Crackle's "Zombiefest," which promises a month devoted to the rotted and rotten paranormal pop culture creatures.

Trailer goodness below...

From Crackle: Woke Up Dead Preview