'Saturday Night Live', Drew Barrymore gets into 'Ghost Stories'

After beginning her career as paranormal pop culture's go-to adorable tyke in Altered States, E.T., Firestarter and Cat's Eye, I can't help but still have a soft spot for Drew Barrymore. Well, in case you missed it, she did a swell job with her hosting duties on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Her take on Sharon Osbourne in this Celebrity Ghost Stories sketch was especially nice - although her (maybe?) boyfriend Justin Long stole the bit with his Matthew McConaughey spoof.

Meanwhile, if you've never seen Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Bio Channel (the channel-formerly-known-as Biography which has a Paranormal Zone on their site), I highly recommend it for the over-the-top cheeze and dramatic cutaways.  The show is frequently entertaining, if even in an eye-rolling way.  Although their definition of "celebrity is often questionable," this week's episode features tales from Carrie Fisher, Jon Waters and Rue McClanahan.  Which makes me wonder, why hasn't this bawdy, curse-word prone trio been assembled before for some wacky, ghost-hunting hijinks??