Chupacabra cinema: Mourning the death of Chupey with his film oeuvre

If it is a dead chupacabra they found in Texas, as we mentioned earlier today, then we're all the worse for it.  At Paranormal Pop Culture, we are all for discovering the mystery behind these elusive creatures but would much rather see living specimens. 

However, if Chupey (a little nickname I've used for him since, oh, three minutes ago) is indeed sucking goats dry in heaven, at least he lives on - in cinema. 

That's right, Chupey has been a bit character in a half-dozen films.  None of them won awards because the Academy still stubbornly refuses to honor cryptid excellence in the movies, but the little guy has been busy in the biz.

What, you don't remember such gems as Guns of El Chupacabra, Chupacabra Terror and Night of the Chupacabra? Well then, you're in luck because author Scott Sigler has done the research for his horror column, "Laughing in the Face of Death" at Read the list, watch the movies and mourn for our potentially departed friend Chupey.