Texas news covers 'Chupacabra' discovery

Whether or not cryptids like the chupacabra is a paranormal matter for cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.  But when it becomes the focus of a movie, TV show, song, video game or newscast - well then it enters into our realm of paranormal pop culture.

Which brings us to the WFAA-TV news site out of the Dalla/Forth Worth, Texas area. According to the story (embedded below for your enjoyment), a hairless, dog-like creature with "kangaroo" legs and a rodent face was discovered on a golf course last Wednesday. Reporter Jim Douglas spoke to research assistant Sherre Sacher, of the Center for Animal Research and Education, who said she doesn't know what the creature was on first look.

For lack of a better explanation, the news site is referring to the animal as a potential chupacabra, or "goat sucker." Then again, if it is the chupacabra, it's missing the spiky spine and thin gray hair we've come to expect based on descriptions of the beast.

We'll see, but let's hope the new media actually follows up on this to let viewers know what scientists determine when they're not examining the animal on camera for a few minutes.

UPDATE: The NBC affiliate in the Dallas Fort Worth is reporting the "chupacabra" is actually a hairless raccoon. While it's still technically a mystery how the anomalous critter lost his hair, it's not exactly paranormal.