'Ghost Hunters' to celebrate 100th ep with live March event

Looks like Jason, Grant and the TAPS team will be celebrating their hundredth in style. Syfy sent a late Wednesday afternoon announcement that Ghost Hunters will be returning March 3, 9 p.m., with a sixth season kickoff at Alcatraz prison which will also be the show's milestone episode.

The investigation, which is being billed as "epic," is the show's biggest case so far, and will feature the Ghost Hunters International members Barry FitzGerald and Dustin Pari.

According to Syfy, the Alcatraz case will be presented on within a live, 2-hour interactive fan event hosted by Destination Truth’s Josh Gates. Gates will then return on Wednesday, March 17 with a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun hunt in Ireland for his season premiere. Truth will also feature guest investigator Kris Williams from GH.