'Great North' creature: Crewman not cryptid

This story comes courtesy of BFRO (the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization), who recently got word of a dark hominid-looking figure in a 2001 Canadian IMAX nature documentary called Great North, currently viewable on Hulu.  Comments about the "Great North Figure" (GNF) first begin popping up on Hulu in September, and the BFRO went public with its coverage and investigation last week.

The story is engaging, and when you watch the first video clip below, you can see why. As the dark creature lumbers in a ravine and quickly ducks back down, as if to remain unnoticed, it looks like the documentary film crew accidentally caught a sasquatch on camera while tracking caribou migration in Quebec.
Well, the truth of the matter isn't paranormal. As the second video shows, when the film is viewed in hi-def, you can clearly see it's a regular human ducking in the ravine, trying to remain unnoticed. The best explanation that it is a crew member trying to herd the caribou for a good shot. A backpack is pretty clearly noticeable on the figure, and with the higher definition, he/she looks less like a large mass and more like a ... well, a dude.

Anyhow, the best part of this non-hoax, non-sasquatch sighting is that it's a great example of a cryptozoological investigation carried out online and using modern technology.  Instead of passing around a grainy black-and-white photo from a random hiker, this footage was caught by credible filmmakers, using high-definition cameras, and it was caught on a free video site, then commented on and examined using social networking.

Now, it would only be cooler if it was the real deal.  Still, it makes me wonder what accidental footage is just waiting to be discovered in other documentaries.