Paranormal Pop Passion: 'Watchmen'

Each week paranormal romance author Caden Leigh will give her take on love and sex in both mainstream and supernatural entertainment. The Florida-based scribe of The Silver Septagram, published by Captiva Press, always has an opinion on what's hot - or not.


As I listened to Watchmen  a few weeks back on HBO a certain scene caught my attention. I use "listened" because I was editing at the time and - needing some background noise to fill the void of silence in my office - I turned to the TV Guide for assistance. Anyhow, the scene played out between lovers Laurie Jupiter aka Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman) and Jon Osterman aka Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup).  He had cloned himself and was pleasuring her with him and himself. Now she looked to be enjoying the titillation then she freaked and got upset.

Really? Why would she get mad?  My reaction to two-plus men sating my passion would not be anger! 

Later during the movie, she hooks up with Dan Dreiberg aka Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson).  During the encounter with Nite Owl II, all I could focus on was his capacious derrière, thrusting between her thighs, then of course it ended with the "orgasm" - flames shooting out of the craft's engines.

Personally I would choose Dr. Manhattan over Nite Owl II, but let me know who you would pick and why.