Paranormal Pop Passion: 'Underworld: Rise of the Lycans'

Each week paranormal romance author Caden Leigh will give her take on love and sex in both mainstream and supernatural entertainment. The Florida-based scribe of The Silver Septagram, published by Captiva Press, always has an opinion on what's hot - or not.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 

Wicked. That's how I would explain the sensual teasing scenes shared between  Lucian (Michael Sheen) and Sonja (Rhona Mitra) in the third installment of this werewolves vs. vamps franchise.

We start with a secret rendezvous in the forgotten tunnels under the Vampires fortress. Next the clothes  vanish and Sonja is snaking her way down Lucien's tone body. True he is filthy, and I can imagine kind of smells like a dog, but does that detract from her hunger for him? Hell no!

The next thing we see she is on top, and with her powerful thighs, pens him in place while he hangs over the side of the ledge. Really?

Sonja is suppose to be tough, I get that, but that scene killed it for me. Then we have cuddle time. Maybe I am missing something. Was this a metaphor? Men and women are equal? Somebody tell me!

This one is 50/50 for me; I am a sucker for a taunting exhibition because it fires off my imagination. Unfortunately, the cliff diving made me think, umm ... why?