'Entertainment Weekly' obsessed with death of 'Lost'

Like most of us who have dedicated the last five and a half years to it - and stuck it out despite Nikki, Paulo, Bai Ling and hiatuses - Entertainment Weekly is going gaga with goodbyes to Lost.

Led by "Doc" Jeff Jensen, the magazine has led exhaustive, thought-provoking coverage of the show (seconded by Jimmy Kimmel for exhaustive, light-hearted coverage), so it seems a natural fit for the publication to go a little nuts as we head into the weekend of the finale on May 23.

With the end in site, EW apparently has death in mind, since the coverage includes some fun tidbits on "30 Key Deaths," interviews with the dead, and my favorite, the Lost "Portraits of the Dead." Show here (actor Harold Perrinaeu who played "Michael" and is otherwise a gifted musician), the photos are creepy in concept and evoke memento mori "death portraits."

Kudos to EW, and especially photographer Michael Muller, for making me squirm with these too-realistic death portraits of characters we came to know.