'Lost' auction lets you never leave the island

So you left the mysterious island and things weren't as peachy as you'd hoped when you returned home? You found yourself growing an awful beard, becoming an addict and seeing the ghost of your dead father?

Well, even though want to scream "We Have To Go Back!" the good news is you never have to leave, and you can continue living your island dreaming with the Lost prop auction being held at Profiles In History.

Featuring 100 very cool items from the show, find your own Lost experience. Included in the items are Locke's knife set, Jin's wedding ring, Mr. Eko's walking stick, Charlie's DriveShaft ring, Hurley's winning lottery ticket, Desmond's DHARMA/Swan Station failsafe ring, and more.  And since you're bound to get hungry and thirsty while evading a smoke monster, pick up a bottle of DHARMA rum and some DHARMA food too.