Tara Normal: One Panel Preview

Each week at Paranormal Pop Culture, we give you a taste, morsel, delicious crumb and even appe-teaser of a new Tara Normal comic contained in one single panel from the upcoming installment of the adventures the coolest comic paranormal investigator out there. You will be left with many questions (What will happen next? How will Tara get out of this jam? What does it all mean? Why is there gratuitous comic nudity on display??), but few answers - until the next day when you can head over to TaraNormal.com to see the entire entry. We also encourage online harassment of creator Howie Noel at the site and on Twitter @hcnoel. Enjoy!

Tara Normal: One Panel Preview of ...
Case #2: The Men Who Stare At Goatmen, Scene 29

This week, skeptical paranormal investigator Jake Westo - whom we first met in Scene 12 - tries to call an end to all of the craziness with Captain Unknown Soldier.

Will Jake be made a believer after hearing Cap's amazing origin story and early Goatman interactions? Will Jake don tights and become the hero's doomed sidekick ala Bucky?  Will he break out into song and dance, and perform a Broadway revue that sums up major plot points?

Probably not...

BUT find out tomorrow at TaraNormal.com.