'Awakenings' celebrity psychic event with Chip Coffey

Stop me if you’ve heard this, but a bunch of celebrity psychics are having a conference at a hotel in Minneapolis …

Wait, it’s not a joke. It’s actually happening less than a month from now, Aug. 13-15, in Minnesota at the Sheraton Bloomington (Mpls South) Hotel. Called “Awakenings,” the convention looks to be the foremost psychic event on the radar with the aim of helping attendees unlock their “psychic potential.” Also intriguing about the event is that it gathers together several well-known psychics from television and other mediums (pun intended).

Over the course of three days, the event offers the chance to not just socialize, but study with, respected individuals in the field such as Chip Coffey (shown here of Psychic Kids, Paranormal State), Chris Fleming (Dead Famous, Psychic Kids), John J. Oliver (Haunting Evidence, Door to the Dead), Michael and Marti Parry (Psychic Investigators) and several others.

“What makes this one so cool is that all these gifted people are hanging out in one place,” says Dave Schrader, the event organizer and host of Minneapolis' K-TALK 100.3 paranormal radio show “The Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

“And they’re there to just educate and pass along what they know … This [type of gathering] is pretty rare”

“What they know,” as Schrader says, will be delivered in the form of three gallery readings – including one with Coffey – as well as through eight workshops and Q&A panels. The topics of the workshops are as varied as “Psychic Defense & Protection,” “Developing Psychic Kids” and “Animal Communication: Tuning into your Pets.” There will also be access to multiple vendors, booksellers, etc. and attendees have the opportunity to schedule private readings with their favorite celebrity.

For the type of programming involved, the tickets that range from $65-$196 offer a lot of bang for the buck. Space is extremely limited and tickets should be purchased immediately at www.darknessevents.com.