New deep sea creatures found

AOL News is hosting a gallery of startling images of new, mysterious creatures living 4,600 feet underwater.  The photos were taken by the Queensland Brain Institute at the Osprey Reef using special lowlight cameras and instrument platforms built by the Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institute in Florida which sits on the sea floor.

The institute picked up images of "prehistoric six-gilled sharks, giant oil fish, swarms of crustaceans and many unidentified fish"

Team leader Professor Justin Marshall explains the reef is an area of high conservation importance. He adds, "As well as understanding life at the surface, we need to plunge off the walls of Osprey to describe the deep-sea life that lives down to 2000m [approx. 6,600 feet], beyond the reach of sunlight. We simply do not know what life is down there and our cameras can now record the behaviour and life in Australia’s largest biosphere, the deep-sea."

At the moment, many of these creatures cannot be explained by science, but give it time ...