Chip Coffey on 'Awakenings' psychic extravaganza event

We caught up with psychic/medium Chip Coffey, currently filming the next season of Psychic Kids, to weigh in on the "Awakenings" event happening in Minneapolis next month. Last week we reported on the event which boasts three days of seminars and meet-and-greets with celebrity psychics.

Coffey is the headliner of the event and says, "What I love about this sort of gathering is the chance to see old friends, and meet new ones and share ideas or theories."

He says he's excited by this event because of the size and scale of it.

"It’s like having access to a giant braintrust in a very positive environment," he adds.

In other Coffey news, the Australian Today show just interviewed him at the fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Sadly, we can't embed the video, but check it out here to watch Chip playing around with a very enthusiastic reporter.

Space for "Awakenings" is extremely limited and tickets can be purchased at