The FauX-Files

Just as Agent Mulder believed, the truth is out there, but one often has to see through falsehoods to get to that truth. In that spirit, The FauX-Files is a collection of intentionally faked (or debunked but convincing) paranormal "evidence." The purpose of The FauX-Files is to serve as a tutorial of how to spot doctored images, videos, etc. so everyone is less likely to get suckered by them. If you'd like to be submit your own FauX-File, email TheFauXFiles AT gmail DOT com with a description of the "evidence" and under what circumstances it was captured/created. Please be as specific as possible (camera models, software, lighting conditions, location).

This image comes courtesy of parapsychology researcher Sarah Harmon taken at the Old South Pittsburg "haunted hospital" in Tennessee. Harmon shot the image using a Canon Rebel Xti with a 5-second shutter speed in natural light. She had a guest stay still the entire five seconds and an assistant stand still for three seconds before running towards her. As Harmon shows, it's quite easy to show a "shadow person" cast as a see through image without post-edited layers or fake lighting. Thanks for the fake Sarah!