Halloween night: Zombies vs. ghosts?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that AMC's zombie survival series The Walking Dead will premiere Halloween night. The 90-minute Frank Darabont-directed premiere is perhaps the most talked about upcoming paranormal project, and the simply awesome trailer embedded below was a huge hit at Comic Con.

I am an unabashed fan of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic, and as a zombie fan, I'm salivating over the series (poor choice of words?). Yet the Halloween premiere got me thinking: Will there be a live Ghost Hunters Halloween event this year and if so, what will be my paranormal pop culture choice?

After Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson sat it out last year to spend time with their families, Syfy delivered a Ghost Hunters Academy/Live Event-lite Halloween special. Something tells me the network will go for that again since the Oct. 31 GH episodes are ratings gold.

So what will you tune in for, ghosts or zombies? The haunting dead or The Walking Dead?