Syfy orders more 'Paranormal Files' for quick return

It would appear Syfy is quite happy with the most recent addition to its paranormal programming, Fact or Faked. Although the season ended last Thursday, the network has ordered six additional episodes and are rushing filming (beginning this week, Aug. 27) for a series return as early as Nov. 4.

Produced by BASE Productions, the show made an impressive debut with the best performance for a Thursday original series on Syfy since 2006, according to a press release. Moreover, the network boasts that the show's site earned 1.1 million page views at, 184,000 unique visits and 733,000 video streams during its first season; the channel's best first season ever for any reality series in video streams.

Without a doubt, at every event PPC attends, we hear people overwhelmingly call for something new in the reality-TV paranormal genre. Does the show's formula of investigating online and submitted footage of activity fit the bill or not?