Paranormal Pop Art: Yum, yum zombies

Paranormal Pop Art is a feature showcasing the gorgeous, wondrous, creepy or cool artwork involving the paranormal (which you probably ascertained by the name, eh?). If you're a sculptor, painter, photographer, designer, videographer or musician and would like to share your work - or even if you just capture an awesome image connected to the paranormal - submit it to ParanormalPopArt AT gmail DOT com.

Cupcake Zombie
by Coco Fortunato
(Copyright Fortunato Ink)

Artist and friend of PPC, Coco Fortunato, provided this image a cute little cupcake encouraging the walking dead to eat another, more delectable pink treat - brains. We dig it, and it also reminds us here of a favorite new book, Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches.