'Vampires Suck': Bring on the 'Twilight' spoofs

It was only a matter of time before a movie came out that spoofed the Twilight Saga films. There was already Nightlight, a book by the Harvard Lampoon that goofed on Stephenie Meyer's tweeny sacred texts. Now comes Vampires Suck, a Scary Movie-esque parody that aims to poke fun at the sparkly vamps crowd.

Based on the trailer and scene below (both embedded for your enjoyment), the targets for Suck (not to be confused with that other vampire movie, Suck) are fairly obvious and cheap. Biting satire, this is not. Yet, there is something about Vampires Suck that has me grinning. I think it may be that the dialogue, formula and visual aesthetic of the Twilight flicks are so hackneyed and pre-packaged with sliced cheese that it's almost a parody of itself already.

Also, I've got to handle it to the filmmakers for casting the spoof with actors fairly indistinguishable from the serious flick (the Kellan Lutz "Emmet" stand-in who looks like James Van Der Beek notwithstanding)

Anyhow, Vampires Suck opens Aug. 18. check it out. Or shall I say, suck it up? No, I shouldn't.