'Tara Normal' gets graphic: Tunes for toons

Each week artist Howie Noel, creator of online comic heroine and savvy paranormal pop-culture investigator Tara Normal, checks in with a "making-of" blog entry about his upcoming graphic novel, Tara Normal and the Case of the Boyfriend Robbers From Outer Space. Howie uses this space to give a first look at artwork and to update readers on the pain and suffering of writing a full-length comic book. When not blogging, Howie also contributes a special edition of the Tara Normal strip to TAPS Paramagazine and spends way too much time on Twitter @hcnoel.

'Tara Normal' graphic novel:  Tunes for toons

As with a lot of people, I find music helps me get through my day. Music certainly helps motivate me when working on art and writing; any extra help in keeping me energized when working late into the night coloring or drawing is appreciated.

One of the songs I've added to my Tara Normal playlist in iTunes is AFI's "It Was Mine." The paranoia described in the song fits with a lot of the conspiracy angles in the book, and it emotionally fits the tone of the action scenes.

Give it a listen and next week I'll have another look at the art process focusing on digital coloring!