Sesame Street mudslinging 'True Blood'

Salacious headline aside, the folks over at Sesame Street (in an attempt to still seem hip and make amends for axing the Katy Perry bit?) goof a little on True Blood with a bit about rhyming called "True Mud."

In the embedded clip below, a felt Sookie meets a felt Bill in Merlotte's (not made of felt) where he orders not blood, not spud, not even bud - but mud. After all, Bill is a mud-sucking Grouch! In the background, there are a couple muppet cameos of other TB characters, but Billy and Sook get the most time here.

Of course, this is a blatant gift to the parents of Sesame Street kiddies - unless the next important tip on Children's Television Workshop is how to hack parental controls to find the best softcore TV-MA programming (fingers crossed!)

One final question, where was Count Von Count for this bit?  There were zero - ZERO! - Counts in this sketch, ha-ha-ha...