Ben Hansen & Bill Murphy on 'Fact or Faked' finale

Tonight marks the Season One finale of Fact or Faked (10 p.m., ET), and it's the odd-epsiode out in Syfy's Christmas week. Instead of hunting for proof of elves or flying reindeer, Ben Hansen, Bill Murphy and Co. travel to the Louisiana bayou and Oregon's Willamette River.

According to Syfy, Ben's team seeks the boggy Honey Island Swamp Monster, and "put some popular theories to the test, but before they can render a verdict, an unusual sound lures them into the woods." Meanwhile, Bill's team is in Portland to investigate unexplained lights over the river and "attempt to replicate the lights by launching a variety of illuminated objects into the night sky and are surprised by the results."

A clip follows, along with a panel discussion with the FF team of Bill, Ben and Jael De Pardo at Syfy's Digital Media Press Tour in Orlando, Fla. Also, while the show won't return until 2011, Ben Hansen and Bill Murphy will continue investigating off camera.

Both will be appearing at events with the Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Pop Culture's Aaron Sagers at Rolling Hills Asylum and the Stanley Hotel. If you want to join in to meet and explore with the duo, visit