Ghost Hunters of Christmas Present, Season 6 finale

Tonight marks the Season 6 finale of Ghost Hunters and they are signing off from 2010 on a holiday note.

As part of Syfy's Christmas week, the team heads to the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, NH.

According to Syfy:

"Built back in 1778, ownership of the Inn has changed hands several times since its construction. With one proprietor having died on site, the TAPS team is keen on getting to the bottom of reports of the paranormal. While it may be Christmas time all the time for patrons of the estate, it’s time to get down to business for the Ghost Hunters."

On another Christmas/Ghost Hunters note, columnist Laura Merwin of came up with a cute "12 Days of Ghost Hunters" holiday card for her weekly blog.  We wanted to feature it here and give her points for being way more festive than us.