'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' trailer debuts

After the previous Pirates of the Caribbean installments failed to shiver me timbers, I should be more hesitant about another adventure for Capt. Jack Sparrow - but what can I say, I'm an Arrrr-dent supporter of pirate movies.  Ahem.

Anyhow, this one looks pretty good.  After shedding the dead weight of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, Sparrow sets out on a quest for the Fountain of Youth along with Barbossa (who is currently stealing the show in The King's Speech) and his poppy pirate Keith Richards, as well as new additions Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane as Blackbeard.  Instead of skeletal ghosts, it looks like the monsters of the moment will be zombies (looks like the enchanted kind, not the undead) and mermaids.

One small quibble, though: Is it much of a quest when everyone knows the Fountain of Youth was discovered long ago by Ponce de Leon and it's located in St. Augustine, Fl.?