'Battle: LA' big reveal shows off aliens, ship

Battle: LA doesn't open until March 11, but since the Superbowl trailer the promotional vehicle for the alien invasion flick has been in overdrive. In addition to a slew of micro-sites, the movie has been a constant, tasty tease of new videos and images.

But the best one reveal yet was unveiled today. Instead of hiding any further, Sony Pictures gives us an inside scoop on the alien lifeforms attacking Earth with the Unidentifiedenemy.com site. With a nerd's attention to detail, the site breaks down the ships, weapons, anatomy and more of the attacking ETs.

Additionally, a couple new clips from the movie have been released, including one that discusses the original Battle of Los Angeles, which occurred 69 years ago today (and yes, it was a real thing, although the involvement of aliens remains the stuff of conspiracy theorists). The other clips included below is a scene sneak peek and a cast featurette with Aaron EckhartNe-Yo and Michelle Rodriquez on the existence of alien life.