'Being Human' recap and sneak peek

Miss out on Monday's new Being Human? Then you better watch the recap clip below before checking out the all-new sneak peek.

In this episode, Josh fearfully returns home to a neighborhood watch meeting (after pummeling the graffiti artist, remember?) and Sally meets a ghost of the past that helps her make it outside the townhouse and then to find out she can attempt to touch her former fiancé Danny. Meanwhile vampire Aidan is tracked down by his past and must make some hasty decisions about his vampire roots.

All caught up? Good. So now check out a peek at the next episode, airing Monday night at 9 p.m. In this one, "Aidan tries to help Rebecca fight her urge to seek out human blood by bringing her some to quench her thirst. It appears to be simply not as good as the real thing, and certainly not the thrill of the hunt. Aidan starts to become weak towards his own fight against the pursuit and he and Rebecca quickly find they have the same desire for the taste of another, or in this case, each other."