The Night Shift: Wheels of Publicity

The Night Shift is the production diary of Fighting Owl Film's new independent supernatural-adventure-comedy of the same name currently in "post" in Mobile, AL. Over the course of the next several weeks and months, you'll get an insider's peek at what it's like for filmmakers to craft a new entry of paranormal pop culture from Erin Lilley, a producer and actress on the film.

Wheels of Publicity

The ladies who work at the post office now not only recognize me by sight, but feel comfortable enough to joke around with me. This week alone, I mailed off three festival entries and a hard drive. The hard drive is headed to the color-correcter, who has managed to actually correct some of the color this time. Saints be praised. 

In fact, if everything returns to us as it should be, and if the sound department is able to deliver the surround sound mix this weekend, as they think they should, we could have a finished movie early next week. Granted, it'll be April, and we'd intended to finish this thing in late December/early January, but hey, better late and right than on time and unwatchable.

The publicity wheels are starting to turn, as well. I know I mentioned in the last post that Thomas and I are being interviewed this weekend on Zombie Popcorn (April 2, 6 p.m. Central). We've also been invited, in late May, to two panels at the local Sci-Fi/Gaming convention, Mobicon, to present some clips from the film and talk about indie filmmaking. Also in May, the film will be screening at a very exciting event (Thomas and I are absolutely sick over not being able to personally attend) with Paranormal Pop Culture! Folks who attend the paranormal investigation at the Stanley Hotel (check out the banner on the right-hand side of the screen) will get to see The Night Shift! Thomas and I regularly watch Syfy's Ghost Hunters, and I'm a huge fan of medium Chip Coffey, so we're beyond thrilled to be a part of this sure to be amazing weekend. I'll resist cracking a bad pun about being there in spirit.

Now that things are starting to wind down, at least production-wise, we're beginning to turn our attention toward our next project. Thomas and I are kicking around ideas, and trying to figure out our next move. Some of our ideas include a Night Shift follow-up, an old-fashioned ghost story, or maybe something to do with the Jersey Devil. A lot of the decision will be based on interest and, of course, financing. Oh, how the cycle continues...
To quote the Ghost Hunters, "On to the next!"

We're still plugging away at this thing. In the meantime, you can follow The Night Shift at You can check out the poster, trailer, cast and crew, and some fun downloads. Heck, if you like, you can even be our friend on Facebook and Twitter (@NightShiftMovie), where you can follow more of the progress of the movie.