Haunted 'American Idol' Contestant's Speaks

American Idol's contestants apparently aren't the only ones who wanted their presence known. TMZ broke the story that the Season 10 contestants believe their "Idol Mansion" is haunted.

Aside from a spider invasion and roof leak that took over their mansion at one point, the contestants say that the lights flickered constantly, and even claim they saw a bed sheet float down the hallway. Believe it or not, this isn't the first time contestants of the show have insisted that activity has happened, according to TVSquad. Season 8 contestant Allison Iraheta claimed she came in contact with a spirit that was referred to as Phyllis.

The 11 contestants couldn't handle the alleged paranormal activity at their $100,000/month Beverly Hills mansion, so producers of the show recently moved the "idols" into a "less spooky place."

- Jen Danczak