UK Set of 'Being Human' Haunted?

The popular British show Being Human (successfully remade recently by Syfy) is about a vampire, ghost and coupling werewolves rooming together, but the fictional show may have a real ghost squatting on the set.

Irish actress Sinead Keenan, who plays werewolf Nina, tells UK Press Association that the set may be haunted. Keenan claims one main strange occurrence happened to the cast while on set. She says Alexandra Roach, who played the zombie in the third episode of Season Three, was the victim of this activity. She was wearing red nail varnish, but when they took a photo of her and printed it off, two of her nails were black.

Keenan added, "So there was little goings on like that, but I never had any first hand experience like that."

OK, that has to be the least exciting report of paranormal activity we've heard all week.  Nail polish, really?

- Jen Danczak