Holzers' Haunted History

Hans Holzer was a renowned paranormal researcher and journalist who wrote more than 140 books. He was a mainstream success within paranormal pop culture, as well as with the dedicated community. After he passed away, his daughter Alexandra took up the mantle and continues to follow in her father's footsteps. This recurring feature written by Alexandra explores the work of both Holzers and provides insight into their unique relationship as First and second generation paranormalists blazing a ghostly trail for the past, present and future in science and metaphysics."

"Some of my best friends are ghosts!"-Dr. Hans Holzer.

Hans and Alexandra reading each other's books
To the average person not versed in the paranormal field or into scary films this quote sounds rather ... disturbing. However, there is something to be said about why father felt this way. You see, one does not have to be a ghost buster in life to appreciate the dead. Quite the opposite.

Father respected both the living and the dead but some days he just preferred the dead over the living. Why, you may ponder? First off it is because he found people to be rather difficult and pretentious at times, whereas some of his ghost pals - not so much.

He enjoyed his conversations that were always chronicled for his upcoming books with using his trance-mediums as he was fascinated with what they had to say. After-all, they were once well ... us. Those that came from a different time and place fascinated him the most as their use of the English language and known environment was many times innocent and digestible.

It is not without saying that people did not please him as well, just that some times he would much rather have a one-on-one with a ghost. I think many people would at first find this strange but as time goes on, think about it and I am sure you may find one or two people in your life that you could easily pass on for conversation and chat it up with the friendly neighborhood ghost!