Meaghan Rath on 'Being Human' with 'Men's Health'

Actress Meaghan Rath, from the American remake of Brit show Being Human,  is a lovely woman. Yes, we are supposed to be objective here, but she is objectively a lovely woman. Not only do we know this as a fact through interviews, but it comes across on screen through her ghostly character of Sally as well. Without being steamrolled by the male characters, Rath's Sally is a funny, sweet spirit - albeit one tormented by the knowledge that her fiance murdered her.

So let's add it up: lovely, funny, sweet - murdered by her boy.  Sounds like a good combination for a woman who can  dole out some relationship advice, which is precisely what Men's Health asker her for earlier this month.

Says Rath on relationships:

When you first meet...Sure, everyone tells you to ask a lot of questions when you chat a woman up—but Rath says you may want to skip the interrogation. Weave in topics that have nothing to do with either of you, and she'll feel less like she's being cross-examined. "I'm a big fan of people watching," Rath says, "so it's a nice way to have the conversation feel unforced. You can just look at other people in the room and make jokes." 
When you're in a routine...Upgrade from "How was your day?" It sounds too rote. "I don't like feeling that I have to volunteer my entire day, because that just seems like I'm unloading on him," she says. "It's nice when a man is interested and asks, 'How was your interview?' and 'What were the questions like?'" (Answer: The questions were awesome. Right, Meaghan?) Be probing. Chances are, she has more to tell you. 
When you hit a rough patch..."If you start in an aggressive way about something that's bothering you, I don't know what kind of a response you think you'll get," Rath says. She'll see you've been stewing and go on the defensive. So vent before it builds up—and open with a compliment, to disarm her. A good opener: "I know you've been working hard lately, and I love that about you, but..."
Being Human's season finale is Monday, 9 p.m., on Syfy.