'The Muppets' fake-out teaser trailer hits

If you saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last weekend, you were treated to the duplicitous teaser trailer about a new cryptozoological, paranorm ... aw, screw it.

It's not really on topic but is a really awesome teaser for the new Muppet movie starring Jason Segel from How I Met Your Mother.

Posing as a standard romantic comedy called Green With Envy, you're left with a giddy grin once the reveal happens. Segel also earned writing duties on the film after creating the Dracula's Lament puppet show in his 2008 film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. OK, so Dracula, a vampire brings us right back into the paranormal theme. Plus The Muppets (opening Nov. 23, 2011) co-stars a Gonzo and an Animal, which are clearly cryptids!

Teaser embedded for your amusement after the jump. And as a bonus embed, we've included Jason Segel performing the entire Dracula song on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson's 1000th episode.