New 'Dead Island' zombie trailer shows tragedy in paradise

Three months after the official announcement trailer, Dead Island has released a new one appropriately titled   "Tragedy in Paradise."

Though it may not seem like it is much of a trailer at first glance, things change the more you watch it. The whole zombie apocalypse game is nothing new to the average gamer with the oh-so-popular Left 4 Dead franchise still lingering and Dead Rising on its tail, but publisher Deep Silver's Dead Island seems to be taking a new spin on it.

In the first trailer you see the back story of the game with a haunting survivor story played in reverse.

There is a a feel of what dead island will be about. In the new video, there is more of a tour through an open world tropical island with hordes of festering zombies awaiting your every move. Along with the same ominous music playing in the background as its predecessor, it gets personal with flashes of family photographs helping to set the desolate yet alluring tone of "A paradise to die for" ending with a man hanging from a tree - cleverly placed to form the title.

This trailer gives Dead Island what it needed to change the not-so-fresh corpse feeling in zombie games. Take a look back at most previous zombie thrillers. The tone and scene are usually dark and creepy. Dead Island turns the tables and sets you on a beautiful island getaway.

On the run up to E3, the release of this trailer gives Dead Island an extra "oomph: to move it along in the race for E3's most anticipated game. But it definitely needs to debut with a bang to keep up with the competition of games coming out this year.

-Gracie Oliver