'Paranormal Challenge' Jerome, Arizona


For the Paranormal Challenge season finale Zak brought his judges (Dave Schrader, Patrick Burns, Chris Fleming) to Jerome, AZ - an old mining town where gambling, prostitutes and murder were a way of life. The two teams were Living Proof of the Paranormal and S.A.G.A.P.S (Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society), and the investigation sites were the Jerome Grand Hotel and the old town hospital.

This time each team got to do a spirit box session with guest judge and medium Fleming, and each picked up amazing and intelligent responses through the device. During one of the sessions with Living Proof of the Paranormal, a spirit came through making the comment that they were “bored.” Perhaps due to the lack of “sex” in their other life?

Throughout the night the teams reported many experiences, from knocking, snapping and banging sounds - which Fleming heard as well and gave him a bit of a jump. Some team members were also feeling as if they were being touched. But Gerson from Living Proof of the Paranormal didn’t mind it at all, when a frisky spirit started touching his upper thigh.

Each team was commended for doing a great job in their investigations, so the winner would be determined after the evidence review. Both teams had supposed visual evidence of what they claimed was a face captured with a full spectrum and thermal camera. Each judge’s agreed the visual evidence was inconclusive and just a form of matrixing.

As for the audio evidence, team S.A.G.A.P.S made the mistake of presenting an EVP that was really Hector’s, the team’s leaders own voice.

After Zak Bagans and the judges deliberated, they chose Living Proof of the Paranormal as their winner. The finale brings to a close a successful first season of the paranormal competition show. It was an intense one and leaves me anxiously awaiting Season Two.