Happy 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day'

'Tis a shame if ye be forgot'n that tide is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Ye canna let th' tide go by without eatin', drinkin', cursin' yer co-workers an' family in th' words o' a good shipmate. Make certain t' load up on rum an' grub an' tell sea dogs an' land lubbers alike that ye`re th' captain o' th' tide so they better nay upset ye lest they keel haul th' plank.

An' one last'n thing: Before ye go back to plunderin', watch th' pictures from Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Say what ye will about th' followin' tales of Captain Jack, 'tis still be a fine piece o' cinema - 'specially th' scene below tells of th' traitor Barbossa an' his damned mates.