First Look at Ryan Kwanten's '7500'

Jerry Ferrara (Entourage, third from right), Nicky Whelan (Scrubs, second from the right), and Scout Taylor-Compton (the Halloween remakes, right) while Amy Smart (Shameless, left) plays Kwanten’s (center) wife.
Entertainment Weekly got a first look at the new movie 7500, starring Ryan Kwanten (True Blood). The movie, due out Aug. 31, is produced by Roy Lee (The Ring) and directed by Takashi Shimzu (The Grudge), and concerns a group of passengers who encounter what appears to be a supernatural force while on a trans-Pacific flight from L.A. to Tokyo.

 “It’s a haunted house movie on an airplane.” says Kwanten. “I play a character who is having a very rough time in his marriage ... the passengers must choose to [either] band together or become loose cannons and start looking out for themselves. It’s a survival-of-the-fittest type thing.”