'Lost Girl' actresses open up about show's same-sex love triangle

Palmer & Silk, courtesy Syfy
The dark fantasy fae soap Lost Girl has become a fairy tale hit since Syfy imported the series from Canadian network Showcase. Beginning with its U.S. debut on Jan. 16, the show picked up about 1.5 million total viewer, and experienced a 14 percent growth the following week. But in addition to the impressive numbers the show has been pulling, Lost Girl is notable for how it handles the issue of same-sex relationships.

Currently airing its second season on Showcase, with a third season already ordered, the show follows succubus fairy Bo (Anna Silk) as she attempts to navigate the political world of the "Dark" and "Light" fae with her human best friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo).

Spoilery alert thing But while fighting monsters, kicking ass and taking fae names, Bo also gets involved with the wolfshifter Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) and human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer). The show never labels Bo's relationship with Lauren as gay, lesbian or bisexual, and simply just deals with it at face value. This is a relatively new development in genre TV (with the exception of HBO's True Blood).

Paranormal Pop Culture recently discussed the topic with Silk and Solo, as well as discussing how life has changed for them since the show has aired in the U.S., and about the type of fans "Lost Girl" attracts.

But if you just want to skip to both actresses comments on the love triangle, check it out after the jump...

Lost Girl - Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, 1-25-2012 by ParanormalPopCulture

Anna: “That’s one of the things that people have gravitated towards a lot … Like you said, we have a same sex relationship on the show that’s not discussed as a same-sex relationship. It just is a relationship. And I think that’s one of the things I’m proud of about our show, and I think it’s one of the things people have gravitated towards the most. I think that’s great. I have done a lot of interviews with some websites that deal with same-sex relationships, and people love seeing that on TV. I think it’s really, really great that it’s done in such a real, honest, organic way. The two women – “Bo” and “Lauren” – just love each other, and care about each other. It is not even a second thought about the fact that it’s a same-sex relationship. I know Zoie and I have worked really, really hard to make it as truthful as possible because that’s what we wanted to portray and what I think people have really gravitated towards.”

Ksenia: “I think it’s so great there’s no judgement on the show, you know? You are who you are whether you’re gay or straight, or blue, or green, or whatever.”

Anna: “Or Fae or human!”

Ksenia: “Yeah, or Fae or human. It’s really all about the person that you are. And I think there’s something really beautiful in that.”