'Being Human' recap: 'Addicted to Love'


"Addicted to Love"
Season 2 - Episode 205

Supernatural roommates Aidan the Vampire
(Sam Witwer), Josh the Werewolf (Sam Huntington) and Sally the Ghost (Meaghan Rath) each find themselves in a tight spot in this week’s episode of Syfy's Being Human, no thanks to the fickle mistress of love. 

Just when we thought Aidan would never recover from the heartache of killing his foxy vampiress ex-girlfriend Rebecca, he goes and digs up a new lady friend to snuggle up to and this time he snagged himself a royal.
 After snoozing in a grave for 80 years since her banishment due to an embarrassing party foul in the 1930’s, Princess Suren is back and ready to reclaim her birthright as leader of Boston’s elite fraternity of Vampires. Her highness “Mother” has chosen Aidan to help her daughter Suren in the quest to rebuild their bloody dynasty. Given Aiden and Suren’s history, setting up an empire of deadly monsters in one of the biggest cities on the eastern seaboard should be a walk in the park … if only they could keep their hands off each other long enough to get anything done.

Forget love, our favorite ghosty lady Sally Malik is circling the drain in a dangerous downward spiral of addiction to life. No longer able to cope with being life’s benchwarmer on the non-corporeal plane, Sally has decided to get herself back into the game by possessing the body of a woman who just so happens to be shacking up with a super cute doctor.
  Only, things don’t turn out so well when one body possession turns into five and the now addicted serial possessor Sally begins to have trouble removing herself from human vessel “Janet’s” body.  Because of the botched possession, Sally believes she accidentally left a part of her spirit in Janet and now the dark figure that has been haunting Sally is also sniffing around her favorite “body ride.” Somebody alert the roommates that it’s time for an intervention because if Sally doesn’t stop this otherworldly obsession, she could ruin an innocent woman’s life.

Compared to Aidan’s deadly escapades with Vampire royalty and Sally’s supernatural crack-like compulsion to body jumping, Wolfy couple Josh and Nora seem like the only ones retaining any sense of normalcy these days. That is until a couple of thoroughbred werewolf twins come along and mischievously stir the wolf pot. With the funds to make Josh’s dreams of finding a cure a reality, the twins help Josh build a werewolf testing center in his and Nora’s storage facility, a.k.a. full moon containment rooms. However, while Josh is off playing mad scientist, Nora has been secretly stalking her abusive ex-boyfriend at his abandoned construction project house in the woods. After some gentle coaxing from Connor, the lady wolf twin, Nora gives into her urges and ditches Josh at self-storage on full moon night. With the help of the sibling’s wolf forms, stalking turns into hunting and Nora exacts bloody revenge on her dirtbag ex only to end up naked and blood soaked in the morning sandwiched between the K-9 Bobbsey Twins in a pile of leaves.


Stay tuned next week to see how Aidan fares the Royal waves as a Vampire version of Kate Middleton to Suren’s Prince William, find out whether or not Sally can kick the body possession habit without killing innocent humans and if Nora will get caught for eating her ex in the most deadly, yet equally as embarrassing, walk of shame in werewolf history.  

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