New paranormal show seeks video evidence

Editor's Note: This was sent to by a cable show seeking videos of phenomena. Check it out and pass it along to them via the link below. And feel free to copy and paste this info to any site of your choosing.

"Have you recently encountered a sasquatch in the woods behind your home? Is a spectral figure haunting your hallways each night? Are there aliens and E.T.s drag racing in the skies above you?

Now is your chance to break news and share your paranormal discoveries with the world for a new paranormal-themed cable network series. If it is recent and you’ve got it on Flipcam, iPhone, camcorder or any video device, we want to check it out.

We are not setting out to debunk or disbelieve, but instead, we just want to see what you are encountering within the world of the paranormal - whether it is a UFO, ghost, monster, zombie or even werewolf!

Send the video our way with your full name, a subject line, location, email address, brief description of the video and when you captured it, and we’ll get back to you to set up an interview and cover the story.

You must have ownership of the videos you submit.

Upload Send the videos via ( The file being uploaded must be 2GB or less."