'Being Human' recap: 'The Ties That Blind'


“The Ties That Blind”
Season 2 - Episode 207

“This world's divided into two kinds of people: the hunter and the hunted. Luckily I'm the hunter. Nothing can change that.”
The Most Dangerous Game

Aidan (Sam Witwer)
After a soul searching sojourn away from her werewolf boyfriend Josh, Nora is finally back at work. Despite a few awkward pauses at a run in at the hospital, supernatural sweethearts Josh and Nora seem to have their tumultuous relationship on the mend. As a show of good faith, and perhaps to pretend like she feels an iota of remorse for eating her ex-boyfriend, Nora suggests that she and Josh change into werewolves together in the storage unit…ya know, for old time’s sake. Blame it on the moon or emotions running high at “that time of the month,” but the planned storage locker rendezvous proves to be short lived when what was to be a table for two quickly turns into a party of one as they continue to fight over those pesky purebred twins and Nora’s newly found penchant for ex-boyfriend meat.

In a fancy shmancy apartment across town, just having escaped a failed assassination attempt, the wolf twins devise and put into effect a secret plan of their own that would make even Lucy and Ethel jealous in its devious scheming. The basic blueprint goes a little something like this: In an effort to keep his girlfriend out of the slammer a while back, werewolf Josh had contacted Vampire detective Cecilia to stop the investigation of the murder of Nora’s ex-boyfriend whom she killed while in wolfy form. In exchange for this favor, Josh provided the dirty cop with the means to find and kill the purebred twins whom he implicated in the death of a very important Vampire to the hierarchy named Heggeman. The twins, being a quite cunning pair, get the drop on detective Vampiress Cecilia and in turn use her as bait to lure the Vampires out on turning night. After their tiff in the storage unit, and with Josh in tow, Nora rushes to the woods full of bloodlust and eager to rejoin her wolf pack for the full moon unaware of what the twins have planned.

Wolf twins Connor (John Cor) and Brynn (Tracy Spiridakos)
Once the whole gang has gathered, the twins announce triumphantly that the evening’s festivities will include a twisted version of The Most Dangerous Game in which Werewolves hunt Vampires and Vampires hunt Werewolves and may a quick death come to the loser. On team wolf is twin one and twin two along with the murderous Nora and reluctant boyfriend Josh. In the other corner, is the also reluctant but just as lethal Vampire Aidan, scaredy pants Hadley and injured noobie Cecilia the cop. Teeth are bared and silver knives are pulled but in the end, Aidan survives the night without harming his wolf friends despite the insubordination of his Vampire counterpart and the regretful yet inevitable sacrifice of the already dying Cecilia. The most shocking kill comes not at night but in the harsh light of day when Aidan shoots the boy twin Conner at point blank for retribution of Cecilia’s death. He then takes the body, to the dismay of twin sister Brynn and superwolf Nora, and later passes it off to the rest of the Vampires as the wolf that killed Heggeman.

Sally (Meaghan Rath)
Back at the house, in a spirit world far removed from wrestling in the woods, Sally the ghost is fighting deadly battles of her own. In a cruel twist of fate, Danny has died in prison and returned to torment and kill ex-fiancĂ© Sally…this time for good. After piling some furniture poltergeist style and flicking the lights ferociously, Danny’s house of torture is interrupted by the Reaper who, in a flash of green light, ends the disgruntled ex-fiancĂ©/ex-landlord/ex-con’s life for good, ghost or otherwise, essentially saving Sally from being murdered yet again by the ultimate temperamental ex. The Reaper then reveals himself to Sally and sits her down for a little chat in which he explains that the reason he has been hunting her spirit is because it is his job to eradicate disturbances in the force…much like Yoda. Tired of running from what is to be her fateful end, the ghostly roommate agrees to acquiesce and allow the Reaper to take her soul. As the final scene of the episode fades, we find Sally waiting on the step where she died only to die again with only a timid whisper of goodbye to her supernatural roommates sleeping off their night of wooded carnage in the beds upstairs.

Stay tuned next week as Sally finally meets the Reaper and his unforgiving scythe of final damnation, Aidan tries to get control of his ragtag gaggle of Boston Vamps and Josh licks the wounds of a broken heart now that Nora has chosen to live out her days as a vicious dog.

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