Paranormal gathering in Gettysburg

This March, a convention of ghost, monster and alien hunters will gather in Gettysburg for an exciting, unparalleled paranormal event.

Phenomenology 104, the largest paranormal convention on the east coast, launches March 22 for the fourth annual gathering of the most diverse collection of the field’s celebrities and authorities. With appearances by paranormal celebrities Kris Williams, Ben Hansen, ChipCoffey, Dave Schrader, Chris Fleming, Patrick Burns and our own Aaron Sagers, the event allows fans to investigate famous haunted locations with the stars, and is the only convention of its kind to deliver the full spectrum of well-known paranormal experts.

Hosted by Maryland-based North Eastern Paranormal Investigations, Phenomenology targets both newcomers and enthusiasts to the pursuit and places emphasis on partnership in serving families who believe they are tormented by unexplained activity.

Event organizer from NEPI, Dana Wingerd says the appeal of Phenomenology’s more than 15 lectures is to “bring the paranormal community together” and explore topics to educate and entertain about the unexplained.

For example, psychic-medium Chip Coffey will be scheduling private readings; demonologist Keith and Sandra Johnson will expose tales of demonic possessions; Christopher Quaratino, the son of the famous Lutz family, will talk about 28 days in the Amityville House; Ouija board historian Robert Murch will reveal the fact behind the fiction of the talking board.

Gettysburg’s Civil War history will also be an important component to the convention, says Wingerd, and four notable locales – including General Lee's headquarters, the Farnsworth House, Eisenhower farmhouse, and the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations - will host paranormal investigations so guests can explore with celebrities.

In addition to offerings on the spirit world, UFOlogy and cryptozoology will be featured at the convention as well. Stan Romanek will share his terrifying experiences as an alien abductees; Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society will offer sasquatch evidence, and documentary filmmakers Scared! provide insight on Urban Exploration. There will also be more than 50 vendors at the events, giving attendees the chance to purchase the latest investigation equipment, books and apparel, along with a social mingle with celebrities and nightly karaoke.

Phenomenology 104 runs March 22-25, 2012 at the Eisenhower Hotel, 2634 Emmitsburg Rd., Gettysburg, PA. Tickets are extremely limited and can be purchased from for $150, or on site. Tickets for investigations are sold separately.