'Ghost Hunters' recap: City Hell, Grant Wilson retires


History: Celebrating its 375th birthday, Providence, R.I., City Hall invites TAPS to investigate the historic building, were a former mayor is buried underneath the floors.

Claims: Whispers, the smell of cigar smoke, chairs moving on their own, elevator supposedly operates on its own.

Investigation: The investigation starts off with Steve filling in for Grant. We know there is a big announcement at the end of the show, so this is a bit of a tease where we wonder where he is. Jason and Britt head to the attic area. They conduct a K2 sweep to find a very high EMF level, which may cause some of the eerie feelings people are getting when they're up there. As they continue, they hear what sounds like a screeching noise, but are unable to pinpoint it.

Amy and Adam hop in the elevator up to the fifth floor, but find themselves stuck. The doors will not open and Amy begins to panic, but lead investigator Jason takes action and prys the doors open with his hands. After they recoup, Amy and Adam investigate the archive room. As they read over old records dating back to the late 1700s, they feel as if someone kicked the shelf from the "other side." When Adam goes behind the shelf to look, there is nothing there.

Jason and Steve look into the source of the smell of cigar smoke, and actually find a cigar cutter attached to a wall. They debunking the smell of the smoke as just being released from the old woo. While investigating this they hear a whistle and immediately try to contact the spirit of Mayor Doyle. They hear a male’s voice, and when Jason plays back the recorder they think they've also captured a female voice.

Findings: The team debunks the sound of the screeching from the attic to possibly being a bird. However, they do believe they captured an indecipherable EVP of a female and male voice.

Best Moment: When Jason came to the rescue and opened the doors to the elevator. I was beginning to wonder if Amy and Adam would make it out, or become trapped in City Hall along with Mayor Doyle.

Location Two: Farmington, N.Y., Burson House

History: In the days of slavery, a slave woman killed her baby, not wanting it to become a slave as well. The woman was later found dead in the basement.

Claims: The homeowners hear the sounds of footsteps, loud crashes and a baby crying. They have also seen a figure of man.

Investigation: The team receives an urgent email from the homeowners, mainly in concerns to their grandson who says he sees an apparition of a man and a baby. Grant is back with the team to investigate. He and Jason go to the living room to try to make contact with Cassy Waters, the woman who killed her baby. They hear some sort of movement, but cannot determine where it came from. Grant brings the K2 meter out, and when he says Cassy’s name, the K2 meter lights up. They get a few unexplainable responses through the K2, but can’t quite determine if it is Cassy. Amy then ventures into the basement to try to communicate with Cassy, thinking that going alone would be less intimidating. She plays a recording of a baby crying in hopes this would draw Cassy out, but did not receive any response.

Grant then pulls Jason aside, with mics off, to talk. They then show Jason and Grant walking, and Jason patting Grant on the back.

Findings: They team is unable to capture in evidence on their equipment, but did leave the homeowner with some advice to claim their house back, and inform the spirits that they are not welcome there any longer - and hopefully allow their grandson to visit without being afraid.

The Big News: On the drive back from the reveal, Grant calls Steve to gather the crew for a personal meeting. Jason asks Grant if he is ready for this, Grant replies "yes and no." The team anxiously awaits their lead investigators to show, and they debate what the news could be. When Grant arrives, he begins to talk about how the team and show has come a long way and has accomplished a lot, but with eight years of doing this, stress can take its toll. As Grant continues, you can tell he is getting choked up. He finally reveals that he will be leaving Ghost Hunters. Some of us might have guessed this was the news, but it was still a shocker and is hard to see him go. As the team shares tears and hugs, they reminisce on what they have learned from Grant, and know that things will be changed forever.