Paranormal Pop Comics Feb. 15


Witchblade squares off against sexy biker witches, motorcycle gang The Tribe plays a dangerous game of chicken with a psychotic big rig and Optimus Prime goes head to head against the Kraken in this week's Paranormal Pop Comic deathmatch rundown:

Road Rage #1 (of 4)
Written by Stephen King & Joe Hill; Adapted by Chris Ryall; Art by Nelson Daniel

The open road is a dangerous place even for ragtag tattooed motorcycle gang The Tribe in father/son team Joe Hill and Stephen King’s latest comic book adventure, Road Rage. Arguments over a meth-lab score gone wrong threaten to tear the tight-knit group of salty biker types apart until a mysterious big rig comes along and starts running everybody off the road. Now it’s up to The Tribe to put their petty differences aside if they want to stay alive.

Infestation 2: Transformers #2 (of 2)
Written by Chuck Dixon; Art by Guido Guidi

The Kraken is coming to destroy the world and Rip Van Winkle-bot Optimus Prime is still asleep! Thanks to the international fleet and a couple of French war ships, “Ils sont le poisson humain!” the humans might just be able to keep the sea beast and his fishy minions at bay long enough for scientist Nikola Tesla to figure out how to re-activate Optimus. In this race against time heart-pounding conclusion, the Infestation doesn’t stand a chance against the power of the Autobots and its sushi for all once Optimus gets his coffee.

Witchblade #153 “Unbalanced Pieces: Part 3”
Top Cow
Written by Tim Seeley; Art by Diego Bernard & Fred Benes

Former detective, and bearer of the Witchblade, Sara Pezzini is hot on the case of a ruthless bunch of fleshy thrill seekers who are terrorizing the streets of Chicago, when it turns out that all is not as it seems. The veiny, skin people are in reality a gaggle of harmless old folks just trying to stay young a la Cocoon style. The real enemy, Sara discovers, is a sexy gang of biker witches who will do anything to find the fountain of youth…even naked yoga in the park.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death #1 (of 3)
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi; Art by James Harren

As if it wasn’t bad enough that B.P.R.D. agent Johann Kraus is forced to live out his days in a stuffy containment suit, now we discover he is being haunted by dreams of a terrifying gigantic tongue monster with goopy eyeballs. In a desperate attempt to stop the dreams, Johann assembles a team to conduct an investigation of the creature’s last sighting in the middle of the artic. It isn’t so surprising that a bodiless agent would go rogue to track down a monster, although I think picking up a dream book at Barnes and Noble would’ve been less dangerous, what is surprising is that he brought an entire team of agents with him who, come nightfall, find themselves at the mercy of the terrible beast.

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