Just a thought: Cure to the 'zombie problem'?

The zombie apocalypse occurs, and the undead develop an appetite for humans. That's a problem. Meanwhile, the living would like to continue doing its thing without constantly being fearful of getting munched on.

Well, it turns out the solution has been right in front of our faces since 1973. 

Only five years after George A. Romero educated the public on the zombie threat in 1968, Charlton Heston - our most beloved apocalyptic actor - starred in Soylent Green

The movie about a planet suffering from overpopulation, global warming and food shortages shows much of the public surviving off little Soylent Green wafers. Instead of the "high energy plankton" they're supposed to be made of, Soylent Green is actually manufactured with dead humans. But guess what? It's also a real thing.

Gross, right? Maybe not, because who likes eating humans? Yup, zombies. Think about it: Instead of constantly feeling like fast food for zombies, we can keep the walking dead tame and satisfied by giving them the green.

Soylent Green. It's people. It's zombie food.  It's a solution. Buy it now.

* Message sponsored by the Soylent Corporation