Paranormal Pop Comics Feb. 22


It’s a race against time for Vampires, Zombies and survivors alike as they all fight the ever shifting sands of time against death, or worse, in this week’s Paranormal Pop Comics rundown:

American Vampire #24
Written by Scott Snyder; Art and cover by Rafael Albuquerque

Good thing gas was cheap in the 50’s because Skinner Sweet and Vampire Hunter Travis put the pedal to the medal in “Death Race” part 3. Guys always seem to be fighting over some Dame, but this fight is more than just a game of keep away between rivals…it’s a vehicular duel to the death between sworn enemies. Hold your breath, buckle those seatbelts and be thankful for fire extinguishers as a toothy, murderous Vampire plays hopscotch with a feisty greaser on the back of two speeding cars that also happen to be on fire. Well, without cable and video games, what else are a teenager and his mortal enemy supposed to do for fun on a Friday night?

Dead Rising: Road to Fortune #4 (of 4)
Written by Tom Waltz; Art by Kenneth Loh

The dead is certainly rising and an ill-timed traffic jam threatens the life of little Katey as her father rushes to find some Zombrex at the local “WaltzGreen.” Meanwhile, somewhere outside Las Vegas, busty reporter Rebecca Chang and counterpart Frank West try to link corporate giant Phenontrans’ involvement in the Zombie outbreak to no avail. But thanks to an ominous text message, this war may be far from over.

I, Vampire #6
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov; Art by Andrea Sorrentino

The end of this week’s issue of I, Vampire elicited an audible gasp out me so severe, I had to profusely reassure innocent bystanders that I was indeed still breathing. In this DC crossover, Batman has reluctantly come to the aid of the Professor, Tig Rafelson and leader of the pack, Vampire Andrew Bennett in their desperate efforts to fight the Queen of Blood and her writhing horde of thirsty bloodsuckers. Even with The Bat’s supreme intuition and Andrew’s unparalleled cunning, neither of them could have predicted the shocking twist that takes place during the battle of “evil” versus “evil but with good intentions.” This comic is as exciting Bobby Fischer’s match against Borris Spassky during the World Championship of Chess in 1972 but in my opinion, should definitely include a warning label for asthmatics.

Upcoming Release:

Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things Special Edition

Courtney Crumrin #1
Written by Ted Naifeh; Art by Ted Naifeh; Colored by Warren Wucinich

Courtney Crumrin is back and once again her attempts at maintaining any sort of normalcy in her otherwise humdrum teenage life is rudely interrupted by attention seeking “night things.”

In a January interview with Courtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh by CBR contributor Michael May, Naifeh describes Courtney as “a grumpy, alienated heroine that doesn’t have any friends, that has a hard time trusting anyone.” Naifeh continues on to admit that his “memories of childhood are full of sadness and anger” and in creating Courtney he “wanted a character that your average isolated nerd kid could relate to; the kind of kid I was.”

Whether you want to start at the beginning or pick up the latest, both the Special Edition of Courtney Crumrin, Volume 1: The Night Things and issue #1 of the Courtney Crumrin ongoing series will be released by Oni Press on April 11, 2012.